понедельник, 9 сентября 2013 г.

5 years old - "My Little Pony" Birthday Party

  My little girl is 5 years old! and we had a little birthday party with the kids from her school!
  Here is an invitation for the party:

And here is the decoration for the party:

And here is my little girl and her daddy

It was really fun!!!

ABC project, letter A

 Here is ABC project where I have found the idea and I started also together with them. But I never finished it :( The last letter was G, but now I'm ready to continue but it's a little bit difficult because I have left almost all my scrapbook supplies in Russia and now I have to start over to buy everything.
    But I want to show you my first layout for the letter A.
It's really simple. I hope you would like it :)

Bonjour! Hello! Привет!!!

We have moved to Belgium 2 years ago and here I realized that I miss badly all my creative girlfriends in Russia. We used to gather together to show our new works and to have some tea together. It was really great! Now I live in Belgium and I like it a lot here, I can already speak French and I LOVE it, it's really beautiful! But I need friends to share my passion to handmade. So if you want to have a new friend - write to me please! I wish everybody to have a good day!